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Great Granny Square Blocks

Granny Square Quilt Block, Anotherquiltmaker

After deliberating on whether this line of fabric was a good choice for my Harriet's Journey Sampler, I decided to forego using it for this quilt project. I love both the fabric and the sampler, but I did not feel the two combined was not lending justice to either one.


 So I jumped in and made a granny square block, which I enjoy sewing. In the back of my mind, this is what I had originally intended to do with this roll of fabric. Pleased with the color combination, I did another block.

Anotherquiltmaker, granny square quilt block

And another... I'm enjoying the random scrappy look of each one, yet unified by the line of fabric.

Granny Square Quilt, Anotherquiltmaker

What did I learn? When selecting a fabric line, make sure the scale of the prints are best suited for the quilt project at hand. And, if the 'love" in how it's turning out isn't being felt, then change it. This pastime is to be enjoyed and loved.

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

~ Sue aka Another Quiltmaker

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HJS Quilt Block Three - Blocks and Stars

As I'm working my way though the book, I can't help but glance ahead in anticipation of the coming blocks.

Here's a view of all of the blocks grouped together. The bottom left is "Blocks and Stars" and the bottom right is the "Buckeye Beauty" block. Although I absolutely love this fabric line, it has many larger scale prints which leaves me wondering if this is a good choice for such little blocks and pieces. I think it's why I've not been able to move this week on it, so I may have to rethink this.

This too is another learning curve, selecting the fabric prints which are best suited for the coordination, size and type of block patterns at hand.

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

~ Sue aka Another Quiltmaker

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HJS Quilt Block Two - Arrowheads

 Arrowheads Quilt Block, HJQ, Another Quiltmaker

Here we are with the second block called "Arrowheads" from the book. It's made by using foundation paper, a technique new to me. Although the book includes the pattern, it includes no instruction on the assembly. So one must be knowledgeable in foundation piecing or search out resources to learn this method, which is what I did.

I found a video by Angela Walters which helped in understanding the "how to" principles.

Once I could grasp the idea, it came together well. I'm happy with how the block turned out.

Arrowheads Quilt Block backside, HJQ, Another Quiltmaker

Here's a backside view of the Arrowheads block. I'm trying to keep everything clean a neatly pressed, still with pressing seams open when possible.

I also opted to change the background fabric from "Ghost Hounds tooth" to Kona cotton in "Bone" color, which is shown on this block. I've remade block one to match.

In review, this little block was definitely a skill builder, checking off on a new technique learned. I'm looking forward to the next block!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

~ Sue aka Another Quiltmaker

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HJQ Quilt Block One - Air Castle

Air Castle Quilt Block

The first block called "Air Castle" easily came together. Once arranged into the quilt top, the finished blocks will be six inches each, which is a small size for me. I've opted to press the seams open to lessen the bulk on the smaller size. This will be my first quilt top using this method. It lends more challenge to keep things on point, but that's what this project is about.

I've selected Moda's All Hallow's Eve fabric by Fig Tree & Co. to do the HJ sampler in. I'm loving the orange paired with the darker fabric. It really pops against the ivory "Ghost Hounds tooth" background from the collection.

After making the first block, I'm contemplating redoing the block, using Kona "Bone" for the background fabric in place of the Ghost Houndstooth for the overall quilt. Decisions, decisions! In any case, I foresee the need of aquiring much more fabric in the near future very soon! This is going to be so much fun!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

~ Sue aka Another Quiltmaker

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Welcome to My New Quilting Blog

Greetings fellow quilters and to all who may travel this way!

My name is Sue and I've been a quilter in training since 2016, learning from a dear friend who introduced me to the world of piecing and quilting. Smitten with the many beautiful fabrics and an endless choice in design possibilities, I've gradually continued to grow and learn much about this quilting path.

Over the last few years, I've slowly worked through new quilt projects learning which material choices and techniques work along with which ones to avoid. Recently I've wanted to step up and challenge myself more, leaning towards thoughts of trying my hand at a sampler quilt, but without the blocks becoming too difficult or overwhelming.

Keeping an eye out for the right sampler selection, I came across and picked up a 100 sampler block book, "Harriet's Journey from Elm Creek Quilts" by Jennifer Chiaverini. It has a lovely back story and history behind the original antique quilt from which each of the sampler blocks are taken.

I've read over the pattern book and know I'll love it! After gathering a few materials to get started, I've set up my ever faithful vintage sewing machine to meet the challenge of this sweet sampler quilt.

And so, this is where the new blog and sampler quilt begins. I'm looking forward to meeting new quilty friends and sharing in recreating Harriet's quilt. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

~ Sue aka Another Quiltmaker

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